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While I was typing this on one of my hello pages…

i wasn’t sure initially if i really wanted to set up a “blogspot” – it’s kind of like getting a dog. sure. it’s all cute and cuddly when it’s a puppy – but what about when it wakes up in the middle of the night and needs to be posted? what if your life changes again and you get too busy to take it out for a nightly update?

… it really made me miss my dog. and i keep seeing videos of dogs …

her name was lucy … she was a black lab …
… the older she got, the more her poor old hips bothered her …

She was a dear, all right. A shelter dog? Nope. A rescue dog? Yup. I guess you could say that [more on that later – the story is both heart-wrenching and heart-warming].

Even when her hips were bad, she loved the woods and the water. And STICKS. I recently saw a video of a black lab running up a hill in the snow – and the one thing that made me laugh the most was when it stopped to pick up a stick and drag it up the hill with it.

Oh it made me laugh. We were out by the water one day and poor old Lucy was tired and her hips were sore. But she became inseparably attached to one particular stick – the diameter was the size of my wrist and it was as wide as she was long. She INSISTED on dragging that thing ALL THE WAY back with us.

I took it from her once, and gently suggested that she’d have a much easier walk without the stick. She hung her head and made the saddest eyes I’ve EVER seen her make. So. Although the stick made her journey more difficult, it also made her very, very happy.

i miss my dog.


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