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How people choose to represent themselves when given the freedom to be anonymous has always fascinated me. With social networking sites and comment-as-you-watch interactions becoming more and more popular, it stands to reason that more and more people are coming “online” to see what all the fuss is about.

Ah. But first you need to create an identity. An electronic you.

Who ARE you going to be? When it asks for your NAME, are you going to be “alice_smith” or “ilovebaking”? Will your email be one you typically use, or are you now “” ?

At the same time, we hear about phishing scams and identity and password theft and online predators and such, and cautions about not revealing TOO much about ourselves. But we are also encouraged to send photos and videos of ourselves and those around us for the whole world to see. Anyway, back to who you ARE when you are online…

I think that how you choose to name yourself online has a lot less to do with who you are than how you represent yourself. I think most people reveal pieces of their personalities online. There are a few people who “do anonymous” very well – but even that is a statement of how they choose to present themselves virtually.

Since setting up this online location, I’ve noticed that “who I am” gets automatically filled in for me sometimes when I post at other locations. I used to be “LisaL -Canada”, which now gets posted as either “lisaonline” or “LisaLJL”, depending on which option I choose, and how I am currently logged in or out and where at the current time. It also graciously fills in a link to this location for me – by default. So if you clicked a link and found yourself here (1) hello (2) that’s default automation at work for you.

in the spirit of anonymity, i have changed my settings so that you are not required to enter either a name or email if you choose to leave a comment. don’t be a bad apple or a jerk. leave me contact info if you want. visit my “hello” page for additional links.



  1. There is something stupendously and deliciously ironic about being connected via anonymity, is there not? So glad to have been found in this manner…and yes, while I would prefer not to admit that chaos reigns supreme in my world, it does. And, since I draw so much on chaotic themes in my own art and writing, chaotic soul just seemed…well, apropos.

  2. you are right, michele68 – delicious

    and don’t forget…
    “Chaos is the science of surprises – it is learning to expect the unexpected.”

  3. Online ID’s are fun. Its all about the online branding and how your represent that information to the cyberworld. I too have a couple different online profiles out there.

  4. Justin – thanks for stopping by!

    the cyberworld IS fascinating

    p.s. i will forever think of pancakes and Mountain Dew when i think of you!

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