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Monthly Archives: June 2009

I don’t know what got me thinking about hair color — but recently I had a flashback to the first (and only) time I colored my hair. Now, I’m fair — Medium Ash Blonde, I believe is about right. In the closest thing I have to a baby picture, I’m 2 or 3, and my hair is almost white blonde.

But in my mid-20’s I decided (for reasons which I will keep to myself – although they had more to do with proving a point, and nothing to do with Goth or anything) to dye my hair black. Yes, black. Not dark brown, not chestnut brown. Black. It was a box of drug-store color, and it said “temporary – will wash out”. [Anyone who finds themselves snickering right now, go ahead — you probably already know what I’m going to say].

Well, I thought it was pretty successful – at the time. As the weeks passed, the color did NOT come out. It DID fade to a really terrible shade of something, though. With light blonde roots starting to grow out. So off I went to the hairdresser for a bit of assistance. She politely told me that I (apparently) have fairly porous hair, and that the color would have to be bleached out. BUT she would not be able to do it right away, because the color had also dried and damaged my hair. She sent me home with a tube of “Paul Mitchell” hair-repair, and told me to come back in a few weeks.

So I spent the next few weeks looking more and more like a skunk — dark roots in dyed blonde aren’t that attractive, but neither are blonde roots in a dark bland shade of yuck! After a few more weeks of “WHAT was I thinking?” (although I don’t regret it), I trekked back to the nice hairdresser, who proceeded to “fix” my hair.

Step 1:
Bleach ALL the color out. Yes, ALL. Including natural pigmentation. My hair was, literally, white.
Step 2:
Look in the nice big books of hair-color-samples and pick a color that was PROBABLY close to my natural color
Step 3:
Return for a few followup visits to see if we guessed my hair color properly

Fortunately, we guessed fairly closely. I DID let her talk me into “highlights” on a subsequent visit — you haven’t really lived until you’ve had sections of your hair painted with a brush, and tinfoil triangles sticking out of your head. Really. It took another “touchup” to compensate for the highlights which started growing out.

It’s been years, now, and my hair is all the same color, right down to the roots. It naturally got a bit darker over time, now it is lightening up again. I’m seeing a few strands that look suspiciously lighter than the rest. But it really doesn’t bother me. I hope everyone else is OK with that — ’cause I am.


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