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My Palm IIIe still works fine.
Love the stylus and “Graffiti” – bought it and still use it for that reason.

I’m tactile. I enjoy the sensation of using written hand-motion [as opposed to keyboard-entry] to enter a “todo-list item”, be it on a piece of paper or an intelligent touch-screen. I find that I use my left and right hands almost equally to pick up my Palm, tap to the list I want, and create a “written” item or note.

The rational side of my brain is telling me that one of these days either the laptop or the PDA will cease to function – so I’d better upgrade soon. The other rational side of my brain is saying “why upgrade just for the sake of upgrading”.

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really – like “tim o’reilly” wants to hear me babble about fractals in the middle of
Thinking About Wendell Berry’s “In Distrust of Movements”.

what was i thinking?

oh yeah – i was thinking that Wendell Berry’s writings reminded me that while our processing and data-mining capabilities keep growing exponentially, the socio-economic issues we seem to love to model don’t seem to change much.

i was also thinking about fractals… and that we need to recycle our ideas as well as our garbage… and that we live in a virtual world every bit as much as we live in a physical world…
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my first post

with special thanks to Mr WordPress

[LJL: “Hello world!” indeed ]
i like my first little default message – prepared and posted for me by Mr WordPress. for starters, “Hello world!” signifies success, and is very often a starting point for something greater. it is also, quite appropriately, a greeting to a world of which i am now a part. yes. Hello world!

[LJL] note to self: one reason i am leaving the original welcome comments is that i think it is a very good example of a self-documenting initialization process