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really – like “tim o’reilly” wants to hear me babble about fractals in the middle of
Thinking About Wendell Berry’s “In Distrust of Movements”.

what was i thinking?

oh yeah – i was thinking that Wendell Berry’s writings reminded me that while our processing and data-mining capabilities keep growing exponentially, the socio-economic issues we seem to love to model don’t seem to change much.

i was also thinking about fractals… and that we need to recycle our ideas as well as our garbage… and that we live in a virtual world every bit as much as we live in a physical world…
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How often do mistakes spark creativity?

Did you ever play that game where one person starts by whispering a phrase into someone’s ear, and the phrase is passed by whispering it from one person to the next – and it is very funny to see how the phrase gets distorted by the time it reaches the last person in line?

Well, I just had a similar visual experience. I was browsing online at, and I read a headline out of the corner of my eye. It said…

“Satellites unearthed in ancient Egyptian ruins”

If course, it didn’t REALLY say that. It said “Satellites unearthing ancient Egyptian ruins”. But for a split second, my mind raced through a myriad of images and thoughts [some could have made a good prequel to AVP – others a sinister conspiracy theory].

The fact-checker part of my brain forced my eyeballs to re-read the headline. I was mistaken in what I had thought I read. And less than 3 seconds later I was back to what I was doing. If I was an author or a script-writer I would have been scribbling notes to myself. I’m not, so I didn’t [there are lots of things I DO scribble on napkins, though].

Was it a “spark of creativity”?

if you want to go down that path …
… it was … a new, sensual thought experience …

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