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Now THAT is what I call a frying pan! It says “OLD MOUNTAIN” on the bottom, along with a lovely scene of a few mountains and fir trees. It weights 8.5lbs [I just weighed it]. And you have to wear oven mitts ’cause the handle gets VERY VERY hot.

It needs to be seasoned occasionally – which means bacon occasionally. TIP: For cooking bacon, you can’t beat a cast-iron skillet. Set your oven to 350 degrees F, lay the bacon strips in the skillet, and place it on the middle rack. It doesn’t spatter nearly as much as you think it would.

I made some corn muffins once in non-stick tins, and when I pulled them out after they cooled, about 30% of the the non-stick surface came right off attached to the muffins. It was one of the grossest things. I wonder if they make cast-iron muffin tins… maybe I’ll go google it.