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habit-forming becomes habit-forming; beginning a pre-planned habit is a bit like falling into a memory that hasn’t happened yet but just did
[9:36 AM May 11th 2009 -lisaLJL]

truth and reality are very often not the same thing. reality is what it looks like. truth is what it is. [8:49 AM Apr 8th 2009 -lisaLJL]

i’m not where i wanted to be, but that doesn’t mean i’m not going to get where i’m going. [3:40 PM Feb 24th 2009 -lisaLJL]

“i get it” means further explanation is not required. if you “get it” and require further explanation, you don’t get it. have a nice day. [8:44 AM Feb 11th 2009 -lisaLJL]

what the heck is “amicable resolution”? is that like when i wrote in a status rpt one time “resolution of dysfunctional code” ie BUG FIXES [2:19 PM Jan 7th 2009 -lisaLJL]

time is just a conceptual dimension that has been defined to try to make things “orderly” and “understandable” [11:17 AM Dec 30th 2008 -lisaLJL]


How people choose to represent themselves when given the freedom to be anonymous has always fascinated me. With social networking sites and comment-as-you-watch interactions becoming more and more popular, it stands to reason that more and more people are coming “online” to see what all the fuss is about.

Ah. But first you need to create an identity. An electronic you.

Who ARE you going to be? When it asks for your NAME, are you going to be “alice_smith” or “ilovebaking”? Will your email be one you typically use, or are you now “” ?

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While I was typing this on one of my hello pages…

i wasn’t sure initially if i really wanted to set up a “blogspot” – it’s kind of like getting a dog. sure. it’s all cute and cuddly when it’s a puppy – but what about when it wakes up in the middle of the night and needs to be posted? what if your life changes again and you get too busy to take it out for a nightly update?

… it really made me miss my dog. and i keep seeing videos of dogs …

her name was lucy … she was a black lab …
… the older she got, the more her poor old hips bothered her …

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Do you think that social networking sites ARE psychotically non-linear ?

In a previous twitter comment, I said:

we used to think of “web-page-surfing” as “non-linear” linking – twits and other soc-media are “psychotically-non-linear”

Really. Think about it. Have you ever had anyone ask you how you ended up following them, and you had no idea? Seriously… Read More »